Wendy Figone

Certified Expert-Level Myofascial Therapist, Yoga Therapist, BS Exercise/Nutrition

     For the last seven years I have studied how to skillfully manage the effects of technology on the mind and body. A combination of hands on structural work combined with education and instruction of self myofascial release dramatically reduces the incidence of pain and stress that is brought on by repetitive stress. Any prolonged position or repetitive movement results in the “shrink-wrapping” of your fascia. This leaves you in a subtle, but chronic, hunched over position at your computer.
     I specialize in creating a space within companies for employees to be instructed and educated in self  myofascial care. The combination of diaphragmatic breathing, restorative yoga, mindfullness techniques, and self myofascial work is a very unique and effective combination.
     Good bye tech-neck, claw hand, and all sorts of respective strain issues!

Myofascial Release treats: – Back Pain – Headaches – Neck Pain – Sports Injuries – Whiplash – Scoliosis – Disc Problems – Migraines and so much more!


Myofascial release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the fascia (connective tissues). Fascia tissue weaves continuously throughout your body, like spider webbing. Injury, trauma, or stress-both emotional and physical- can cause fascia to become dehydrated, resulting in restriction. With restriction, fascia can place over 2,000 pounds of pressure on pain sensitive structures. Fascia cannot be imaged, so easily treated restrictions are usually left undiagnosed. Freeing restricted fascia results in greater fluidity of movement that allows the body to self-correct. Myofascial release is ultimately about education and self-management.


We are made up largely (70%) of water, which makes us a system of fluidity. Fascial restrictions cause our bodies to change state from viscosity to cement over time. As we become less fluid in our movements, breath and posture change. The result is pain and a feeling of disconnection between mind and body. Think of your body as an ocean, the waves of movement brought about by self rebounding will help break up fascial holding patterns deep into your system.


Always take a snap shot of how you feel before you attempt any form of self release. Take some long, slow diaphragmatic breathes. Try and get a sense of what you feel without trying to analyze, just feel!

Put on some good percussive music (try the link below ).

• Stand with feet hip with apart and knees unlocked. Soften your mind and body.

• Bend and straighten your knees to get a fluid wave moving through your body.

• Feel where you are stuck and where movement is easy. Breathe into the stuck areas.

• Allow the wave to travel around your body. This is not conscious movement, just allow your body to move (and come to natural rests if that feels right). Let the music move you.

• Check in again. What feels different? Can you feel the fluid within? Less tension? Be curious.


Jiggle to keep stress from accumulating or to energize yourself and feel your beautiful energy within. Experiment with jiggling different parts of your body, do you hands feel tension after being on the computer? Generally, 5 minutes is a good length of time. Enjoy!

Good music to jiggle to.

You may want to put this on your phone so you can jiggle on the go!

Class Options

Self Myofascial Release Workshop 

Experience this one of a kind ultimate self care journey. Using myofascial theory and techinique in combination with restorative yoga and diaphragmatic breathing, we will reach deeply into your body and mind to ease tension and create better posture. Come learn how to use self release and massage tools to decrease chronic tension and increase well being  Space limited 15.

September 20th Workshop, 7-8:30 PM



Private Myofascial Release Session

Group self release classes are greatly enhanced through personal myofascial release work.

For more information:

Phone : (650)730-6005

Email: wendyfigone@yahoo.com

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