Why Breath Work Matters

Breath work is one of the most underutilized self-treatment techniques. Dr. Weil explains how breath work balances the nervous system and improves immune function.

Stress and Perception, Ted Talk

Kelly McGonical, PHD from Stanford is a leading authority on stress. 

Get an Anti-Gravity Chair and Neck Pillow

This store allows you to try out neck pillows until you find the perfect fit. The antigravity chairs get your feet above your heart and provide deep relaxation. 

Equisync--Music That Stimulates Your Brain 

This music is very relaxing and stimulates the creative part of the brain. Follow the link for a free demo. Use over the ear headphones. 

Spirit Rock Meditation

A meditation center located in Marin. Spirit Rock offers classes in addition to volunteer work and work trade program. Absolutely worth the drive.

Insight Meditation Events Calendar

Amazing free resource if you want to try out meditation with skilled teachers. Located in Redwood City. 

Compassion Studies at Stanford

Lectures about studies on compassion. Many speakers have lectures posted online. Also, check out Kristin Neff, leading authority in the studies of self compassion.