Introductory Self-Myofascial Release Workshop

In this hour and a half workshop participants will learn how to identify and release myofascial restrictions using an assortment of techniques and tools (provided by instructor). The goal of this class is for participants to gain knowledge of the fascial system and skills to reduce tension and pain. This workshop is also offered as a weekly series.

Personalized Myofascial Release Treatment

An hour and a half one-on-one personalized treatment. This session is focused on gentle sustained pressure to release and rehydrate fascia, which results in increased mobility and decreased pain. Three to five consecutive weekly treatments are recommended for new clients.

Customized Self-Release Class

In this hour and a half class, the instructor will help participants identify their own restrictions and develop a personalized regimen for chronic pain relief. Participants will learn tools for self care. Five consecutive weekly sessions are recommended to learn and reinforce proper self release technique.